Your Government

Boards and Commissions

The following Boards and Commissions are established by law and each
member is appointed by the Mayor then confirmed by the City Council.

Plan Commission Members
Jeanette Strabala

Dick Pierce
Doug Patterson
Dean Chalkey
Jeff Hatzer
Harry Godfrey
Robert Gubbles

Parks and Open Spaces Board
Members with a term of appointment ending December 31, 2019:
Robert Oberholtzer
Tim Martin
Steve Broadus
Members with a term of appointment ending December 31, 2020:
Afton Salata Calkins
Doug Snell
Members with a term of appointment ending December 31, 2021:
Rob Tyne
Gary Wheeler

Board of Zoning Appeals
Ron Conner               Terry O'Neal
Andrew Harcar           Archie Crouch
Larry Libby                 Alan Hall
Robert Oberholtzer

Streator Library Board of Trustees
Brian Kmetz                President
David Reed                 Vice President
Jane Farero                Secretary
Spencer Lawrence     Treasurer
Theresa Lukach         Trustee
Ellen Park                  Trustee
Gloria Gubbles          Trustee 
Gary Wheeler            Trustee

Streator Police Pension Board
Everett Solon                President
Jim Gohs                      Vice President
Josh Jabczynski           Secretary & Active Police Officer
Marcia Robertson         Asst. Secretary
Julie Lucas                   Treasurer (non-voting member)
Katie Thompson           Clerk
Mike Sass                     Active Police Officer

Streator Fire Pension Board
Bryan Park                    Chairman
Paul Marx                      Secretary
Terry Leonard                Member
Michael Mast                 Member
Doug Patterson             Member

Streator Board of Fire and Police Commissioners
Robert Lee II                    President
Charles Daniels               Secretary
Michael Abdnour             Member