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Winter is over and with Spring, comes Spring Cleaning.  The City of Streator has adopted property nuisance and maintenance codes that require owners and tenants to keep their properties clean and maintained.  The City encourages all owners to take pride in their properties and identify and address problems before the City needs to take enforcement action. 

As part of a renewed effort to clean-up our town, City inspectors will be checking on all properties over the upcoming months for the following violations:

  • Rubbish, trash and junk in both front and back yards
  • Junk vehicles. All vehicles must be operational and have current registration
  • Grass and weeds. They must be kept trimmed to six inches or less
  • Businesses cannot be located in residential zoning districts that violate the City’s home occupation ordinance
  • Property maintenance violations, such as
    • Boarded-up doors and windows
    • Lack of siding or siding in disrepair, including the lack of siding around newly installed windows that are smaller than the home’s original windows
    • Peeling paint
    • Gutters and downspouts in disrepair
    • Porches and stairs in disrepair
    • Structural and maintenance defects with accessory structures, including garages
    • Fences in disrepair
    • Roofs in disrepair. No tarps.

City staff will send letters to the owners of properties that have violations.  The City will offer violators a reasonable period of time to address their issues.  However, violators that do not correct their deficiencies will be subject to citations, fines and property liens.

Winter is over.   The time has come for Streator property owners to clean-up and fix up their homes and business properties.  Let’s “Clean-Up Streator” this Spring!